Bloody vaginal discharge in sprays dog

 Hi! My dog was sprays about November, 2017. In late January, 2018 shehad bloody vaginal discharge(red) for two weeks and dissappar. In late February vaginal discharge is come back its dark red, mild foul smell, licking het vulva, but normal behavior, good appetite, no abdominal pain, Normal urination and defecation. She got blood test; cbc is normal, mild high Crea(1.6 normal is 0.6-1.4 mg/dL),  mild high BUN(29 normal is 7-26 mg/dL). Is she possible to "stump pyomrtra" or "ovarain lemnant"? What any blood test that I shoud to test? And about medical treatment?

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It"s look like "stump pyomrtra" . Diagnosis by Blood test and ultrasound . 
In case of "ovarain lemnant" bloody vaginal discharge is depend on heat cycle (every 4-6 month).  Diagnosis by ultrasoune at the time she has bloody vaginal discharge 


Both of   "stump pyomrtra"  and "ovarain lemnant"  Treatment by Surgery




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